Our Aim

The Bureau aims to transform Australian education and schooling by researching, building and promoting effective engagement and partnerships between schools, families and communities. 


The principles guiding the operations of the  bureau:

Parents are the primary educators of their children.

Effective parental partnerships are predicated on the understanding that their foundations are built from the time of a child’s birth and earlier.

Good schools play an integral role in assisting parents to nurture and develop their children.

Parents bring unique perspectives and capacities to the schooling enterprise.

When parents and teachers work in partnership the personal, social and academic development of children is significantly enhanced.

Real and effective partnerships between families and schools have beneficial outcomes for parents, teachers and school leaders.

Effective family‐school and community partnerships contribute to Australia’s growth as a nation by building social capital, fostering social inclusion and boosting productivity.

Parent organisations bring support, expertise, confidence and empowerment to families and school communities.