About Family-School & Community Partnerships

Partnerships between families and schools, and between schools and their communities, emerge in many ways. Research has shown that where effective partnerships exist, the quality of schooling improves, students enjoy more satisfying educational experiences, and communities are strengthened. The Family-Schools and Community Partnerships Bureau has been set up to help schools, families and communities build sustainable, collaborative, productive relationships.

Effective relationships between schools and families are based on:
Mutual trust and respect
Acknowledgement of families as the first educators of young people, and as a significant influence on young people’s growth, development and educational success.

Schools and teachers have distinct and important roles and responsibilities in building the educational foundations for each generation. Because family involvement can have a big impact on student learning it is vital that parents and teachers acknowledge and respect each other as partners in helping young people to become all that they can be.

To encourage family-school and community partnerships across the country, the Bureau has devised a set of principles to guide families and schools in developing partnerships. It also provides practical advice to school communities and school systems in implementing and fostering family-school partnerships.

Sharing the good things we do is at the heart of the Bureau’s mission. One of our key goals is to identify, publicise and promote good examples of family-school partnerships from all round the country.

The Bureau provides a number of tools and resources to assist parents, school principals and others initiate conversations about family-school relationships, and to support them so that they can grow into real, sustainable partnerships. Through research the Bureau identifies and promotes examples of good practice.

An online helpdesk enables people to ask questions and give feedback about anything to do with relationships between schools, parents, teachers, principals and the community generally. Advice and assistance will be provided by a panel of experts who understand the needs of parents, families and students, and know about the schooling process.