families.jpgFor our purposes, the term ‘families’ describes any of the wide  variety of home arrangements that people establish to care for and rear children.

There is abundant evidence that Australian families are undergoing rapid change. The diversity of families is evident in the growth of non-traditional family structures. Family structure can be defined in terms of parents’ relationships to children in the household (for example, biological or non-biological), parents’ marital status and relationships history (for example, divorced, separated, remarried), the number of parents in the family, and parents’ sexual orientation.” (Wise, 2003)

The term ‘parents’ includes all types of parental figures including carers


school.jpg The school community is generally considered to include    students, families, school staff, other professionals, other support staff and volunteers. 

The school community may also include members of other organisations in the wider community who support the operation of the school.


community.jpgThe wider community provides services which can strengthen and support   schools, students and their families. Schools, families and students can assist the community in return.

Schools are increasingly collaborating with partners such as:

local businesses; 
after-school care providers; 
higher education;
and other community-based agencies 

State Government

The governments of all Australian states and territories have agreed to work co-operatively toward improving family school relationships in our schools.

The Bureau will be liaising with each state and territory government to build a cohesive set of policies and practices regarding family school partnerships.

ACT Department of Education and Training

NSW Department of Education and Training

NT Department of Employment, Education and Training

QLD Department of Education, Training and the Arts

SA Department of Education & Children’s Services

TAS Department of Education

VIC Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

WA Department of Education and Training